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LBK Services renders variety of services related to claims handling for transportation, industry and its intermediaries to Insurance Companies, Shipowners and other applicants. The major part of our jobs is independent marine surveying and consulting.

Scope of our activities covers identification of cause, nature and extent of damages:

  • nautical & technical ocean-going and inland shipping affairs (cargo and property damage surveys related to fire/water claims, machinery breakdown and business interruption)
  • supervision of loading and discharge operations:
    • quality inspection for loading and discharging operations
    • recording and reporting of cargo damages
    • warehouse inspections
    • draft surveys
    • consulting with ship's command with regards to lashing and securing of cargo, with the goal to provide utmost security for vessel and cargo at minimum costs, continuous reporting to the principals
    • supervision of cargo securing works in cooperation with ship's command, selection of materials used
    • documentation of loading and discharging operations with photographs and drawings in order to provide the port of destination with maximum information
  • inspection of project and heavy lift cargoes and ships, proposing transportation, loading methods and using special gear, as well as lashing and securing
  • condition, on and off hire surveys
  • estimation of ship's value, vessel pre-purchase, pre-sell inspection
  • supervision of ship's repair and verification of repair costs
  • port facilities - surveys of damaged port quays and equipment
  • liability claims handling (carrier's, forwarder's, owners and other)
  • assistance in professional salvage, re-sale of damaged cargoes, cargo and other property recovery


All issues concerning navigation and sea-transportation, including cargo-handling techniques.

Advance planning, pre-stowage plans including:

Distribution of the booked cargo and coordination of the loading and unloading with the client, ship's command, stevedores, and lashing companies.

On request, in cooperation with research centers we arrange and supervise laboratory and technical test, e.g. determining of cargo humidity or composition. Other tests are possible, such as: mechanical measurements, thermal analysis and microscopy, determining the origin of pollutants or other chemical substances.

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